The Common Problems When Reading Academic Paper

Nowadays, reading academic paper is very important for students. Many students have problems when read it. It is important for them to know that it will be detriment for them in the future. I believe there are some common problems that make them difficult to read it. This paper intends to provide some common problems when reading academic paper. In the following section I will explain about common problems when reading academic paper.

Firstly, the lack of student’s vocabularies. Vocabularies are the collection of words that they use on a daily life. Vocabularies play a fundamental role in the reading process. Students cannot understand a text without knowing what most of the words mean. So, if the students feel strange about some words while reading academic papers, they will stick in there. They will not go on the next sentence until they find out what it means.

 Secondly, the lack of student’s concentration and will. Concentration and will is an ability that makes someone focuses on his or her work. Concentration and will are related each other. Students have to focus on what they are read and they have to be eager to read the academic paper. When they try to read the academic paper without concentration, they will not get what are the ideas of the academic paper.

The main ideas of the common problems in reading academic paper are about lack of student’s vocabularies, concentration, and will. Students will lose their mood in reading academic paper if they meet with strange vocabularies that they don’t use in daily life. They are likely to be lazy to search the meaning of it. Not only student’s vocabularies factor, but also student’s concentration and will factor have an effect on them when reading academic paper.



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